Why are expats obsessed with the milk shortage in Timor?


 In Dili, Timor-Leste, we have a milk shortage.Pauls Milk crop

Now, product shortages are not uncommon in Timor, a small island nation that relies heavily on imported goods from Indonesia, Australia and Portugal. I buy my Australian Morning Sun muesli in bulk because I don’t know when it will sell out at the supermarket. Likewise, news spreads very quickly when the Portuguese chocolate is back in stock, along with cheese and any Cadbury products.

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Finding Balance

I’ve been noticing lately how content I am with life.

I’m living in a happy bubble and it’s so lovely.

I am no longer adjusting to changes, stressed, or constantly dreaming of Australia (although I do miss Aus). Whilst I still shout at stupid drivers, still hate the cat calls on the street, and still miss my friends and family back home, I’ve managed to find a kind of peace and contentment with life in Timor.
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Pigs, warm beer and games: My work retreat

I’ve just returned from my first ever work retreat in Timor and can’t believe the time I had!

It all started with the transport to the venue. When they said we were taking a bus, I thought nothing of it. Then I saw our pimping wheels turn up in the driveway and I was lost for words…

The bus to work… fully sick

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